Aquarium CO2 System

  • • Provide a complete CO2 solution for aquarium;
    • Up to 1200L CO2 supply;
    • CE approved, ISO certified;
    • Every accessory can be supplied individually;
    • Good quality, reasonable price;
    • Many years exporting experience, ensure proper packing, shipment and after-sale service.





Aluminum Cylinder & Cylinder Valve

CO2 Storage

Made by aluminum 6061, less weight and higher corrosion resistance, provide your fish with a cleaner CO2 supply; Good safety performance; Pressure relief valve will release CO2 once the pressure in the cylinder exceeds the safety pressure and prevent failure of the metal or possible explosion.

Pressure reducer

Reduce the outlet pressure from the cylinder.

 The pressure of CO2 in the cylinder is too high to use directly. The regulator reduces the pressure from up to 160bar to 0~6bar. The Inlet pressure and outet pressure can be displayed on the outlet gauge and inlet gauge.

Fine tuning needle valve

Precision tune CO2 flow rate 

 Accurate fine tunning ( 1 bubble every 2~3 second.)

Bubble counter

Display CO2 flow rate

Provide an accurate measurement of the CO2 flow rate. It comes with integrated check valve, which can help prevent the backflow of aquarium water.

CO2 splitter

Melt CO2 into the water

Brass constructions for long-lasting durability and dependability; With this splitter, you can connect up to several CO2 diffusers/supplies ( two way, three way, four way, five way, six way available) from a single CO2 cylinder; Each outlet is equipped with an individual needle valve allowing precise regulation of CO2 flow; Easy setup, no modification required to your CO2 regulator.

Aquarium delicate CO2 diffuser

Connect CO2 ststem to the fish tank

Made by stainless steel, with a precious appearance. A variaty of dimensions avaliable (OD 24mm~37mm, Length 150~385mm), to your diffirent size aquariums needs.

Solenoid Valve (Optional)

control on/off the CO2 cylinder 

 1. according to user-controlled outlet time

2. cryogenic soleniod valve, the temperature is below 30°c

3. CE approved

Timer (Optional)

 full automatic switch, set up time free

Use with solenoid valve, control on/off the CO2 cylinder. 


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